Yeah, I could also use a bigger battery, especially since I have my Apple Watch and AirPods connected for a lot of the day, which definitely increases battery drain. Apple seems committed to the idea that phones should be charged every night, which I think is reasonable since it’s a habit/pattern that everyone accepts, but I think they should have enough battery so people like me can actually get through a whole day without having to charge. I imagine Jony Ive and his team won’t be satisfied until they can get the iPhone as thin as possible as long as they can hit the “1 day of use” mark, and I assume they have market research showing that people really do like phones to be thinner, especially if they’re going to bulk them up with cases. Also, I wonder if being able to hold a 3–4 day charge might A) lead to more people draining their battery because they get off a regular charging schedule, and B) ends up not being that valuable since people will just charge every night anyway. And as wireless charging gets more ubiquitous, the trend might be heading towards lots of short charges throughout the day, not one big charge every few days.

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