Thanks for your thoughtful comments!

I feel like I agree with you on part of most of your arguments, but disagree on other parts.

I think transferring 4K video off an iPhone would probably be the best use for USB-C on the iPhone, and would definitely fit the definition of a “pro” feature. However, Apple said that the iPhone 12 Pro can make movie-quality video, not that it is a device for professional filmmaking. Anyone trying to use an iPhone as a primary camera in a professional capacity likely knows what they’re in for and would opt for a more professional rig for a number of reasons. Also, I think Apple’s solution for getting video off the iPhone is iCloud syncing. They won’t abandon Lightning so a dozen people can try making a feature movie on an iPhone.

You’re correct that MagSafe requires a USB-C brick. But no one NEEDS to use MagSafe, nor do you need to buy a brick for it if you already have devices with USB-C ports. It’s an early adopter accessory at this point, and very few people are early adopters. If Apple goes full MagSafe — a very big “if” IMO — I'd guess they won’t do it until they’ve included MagSafe with iPhones for several years. And when they do, having people buy only as many USB-C chargers as they need instead of just getting one with every new phone is a win for the environment, even if it costs users extra. Protecting the environment means making people be more conscientious about their choices.

Yes, Apple has said that USB-C is the future…for devices larger than the iPhone. They never said it was the future for ALL their devices, particularly their most important one. I think they like Lightning because they can control it and can guarantee what experience users will have with it, and for their most important device, that matters. The way they’re using USB-C for iPhones now is simply for more power output. I don’t think they care about the other benefits of USB-C when it comes to the iPhone, including file transfer and using external monitors. That’s what iCloud and AirPlay are for.

Here’s where I disagree completely.

I find it odd that people keep saying that because Apple is including a USB-C to Lightning cable with iPhones that people HAVE to but a USB-C charger. USB-A to Lightning cords and USB-A chargers will still charge newer iPhones. A USB-C charger is only necessary if you WANT faster charging, which is largely irrelevant to anyone who’s used to charging their iPhone overnight. And if you have a USB-C/Lightning cord, you can use it without buying its own brick if you have a newer MacBook with USB-C ports, or something like my 2017 iMac that has both USB-A and USB-C. Worst case scenario is that the cord sits around unused until you decide you want fast charging or get a USB-C charger for free with something. But no one is being forced to buy a USB-C charger — it isn’t needed for the iPhone to work. Fast charging is something I think most users are fine to do without if you need to spend more money for it.

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