Thanks for your response!

First, if you’re able to find something that works for you outside the Apple ecosystem, then I’m happy for you, especially if you can do it for cheaper. While I prefer using Apple stuff, i’m not one to say that that is what everyone should do, especially if it’s outside their budget. If you’re able to get devices from different companies working together and can save money, more power to you.

However, there’s a lot in your comment i disagree with.

I think your assessment of the SE is way off. The SE has Apple’s best processor from 2019 (same as the ones in the iPhone 11s), guaranteeing at least 5 years of software updates. Currently, Android phones are lucky if they get 3 years of updates, so iPhones are way more future proof than even the best Android phones. Also, if iPhones are so crappy, why do they retain way more of their resale value than Android phones? That resale value is basically a discount on a future phone. After 2-3 years of daily use, any smartphone will benefit from a battery replacement, but I’d hardly say it’s required. I had an iPhone 7 for 3 years and i got by, even if it meant having to charge for a bit during the day in the last year. And sure, an SE might cost as much as an Xbox, but which will you get more use out of? If you really think you’ll get more use out of an Xbox than a smartphone, have at it.

Also, you make the mistake of thinking battery size says everything about battery life. If you have a more efficient processor, you don’t need a big battery to get good battery life, which is the strategy Apple generally takes, although iPhones ever since the XR have been lauded for having great battery life. Besides, while a $200 Motorola may have a big battery, do you think it also has the best processor? Or camera? And will they get OS updates for years to come? A lot of cheaper Android phones don’t even come with the newest version of Android installed, and there’s no guarantee that they will ever get it. In fact, it’s cheaper phones that are more likely to only work well for a year or two since they’re using the cheapest, weakest processor that will still seem performant at the moment of purchase, while the SE is essentially overpowered and will be speedy for many years to come.

And yes, $1000 for a laptop is a lot. But that depends on how much you use it and for how long. What’s a better deal, a $1000 laptop that works well for 8 years, or a $500 laptop that works well for 3 years?

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