So your argument is that to REALLY reduce e-waste, the iPhone shouldn't come with cord OR charger? While true, that simply wouldn't be acceptable for the majority of people. Besides, to REALLY reduce e-waste, you'd encourage people not to buy phones at all, which also isn't a viable option. While not totally eliminating all possible e-waste, I'm glad Apple at least took this step to remove the charger and other Android vendors are following. I think Apple knows that the vast majority of people buying iPhones are upgrading from older iPhones, so they probably already have several workable cords and chargers. I think the included USB-C to Lightning cord acknowledges that some Apple users may already have USB-C chargers or newer Macs that have USB-C ports, and people switching from Android likely also have USB-C chargers since Android phones have used them for a long time. All this said, I wouldn't mind if Apple sold an iPhone with no cord or charger, but allowed you to buy them for a much lower price than they charge, like maybe $20 for the pair. That would effectively eliminate a lot of e-waste by making people think twice if they really need them.


Used to be a film critic, now writes about tech (mostly Apple)

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