In the end, I think removing the headphone jack has been a non-issue for the large majority of iPhone users, since Apple includes the solutions with the phone. Most people just use the included lightning EarPods, and if you have your own additional headphones, they include a dongle. I keep one dongle attached to the cord of my Beats Solo3 (for when I’m on a plane or making music), then bought another one that’s attached to an old pair of EarPods I keep in the car for phone calls, and I barely use that one anyway, so I could’ve probably just stuck with the included dongle. I’m not sure if your noise-cancelling headphones won’t work with a dongle, but if they do, it doesn’t seem like you were asked to sacrifice anything. But if having a dongle is a dealbreaker for you, I’m sure Apple is prepared to lose your business.

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