I think you’re really bringing a lot of your own interpretation to what I wrote. Of course there’s nothing wrong with people making purchasing decisions based on price — that’s how most people shop. Apple makes premium products, with premium prices to match, and a lot of people aren’t willing to pay that premium, especially if they feel they get the same features for a lower-priced Android phone. However, I think a big reason why iPhone is so popular is that it’s a relatively affordable luxury item for a lot of people. For just a few hundred dollars more than cheaper Android phones, you can have the same phone celebrities and the ultra-rich have. I don’t know where you got the idea that I think Apple users “are the most flush, affluent, financially comfortable beings on the planet”, because I didn’t write that, nor do I even think it. But considering how much an iPhone can cost, especially outside the US when you factor in taxes, exchange rates, cost of living, etc., one needs to have some disposable income to afford one. People in poorer countries who are struggling to afford the basics to survive don’t need an iPhone when a $50-$100 Android will do.

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