I don’t think it does. The only people who will *have* to buy a USB-C charger are first-time iPhone owners, which means people who have never owned a smartphone in their lives or Android users whose previous phones didn’t charge by USB-C. Those two groups represent a very small percentage of people buying iPhone 12s, particularly since people tend not to switch platforms and most kids getting their first phones aren’t being given the newest, most expensive models available. It’s way better for the environment to have that small number of people buying USB-C chargers than to manufacture a USB-C charger for each of the tens (if not hundreds) of millions of people who will be buying iPhone 12s, the vast majority of whom will be people upgrading from previous iPhones who will already have USB-A chargers and Lightning cords. Fast charging is a nice thing to have, but you don’t *need* it, especially if you charge at night like most people do.

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