I don’t believe I belittled anyone. I just said that I think that for the vast majority of iPhone users, including myself, removing the headphone jack has been a non-issue since Apple includes what you need to make the transition away from the jack (I think I’ll write a post about this). I also don’t feel that attaching a free dongle to the end of a headphone cord one time and leaving it there is so much of an inconvenience that it’s worth the hassle of switching OS, especially if it means switching to Android and not getting OS updates unless I buy a particular phone. But if someone disagrees or they have so many headphones that buying several dongles is a financial strain (which would be weird if you own several pairs of expensive headphones), and since Apple isn’t going to put the jack back, they should just go ahead and do what they feel they need to do. No product is all things to all people, and people are free to prioritize features as they choose.

I’m personally not convinced that getting rid of the headphone jack was a good or needed move, but either way, it hasn’t mattered much to me since I’d rather be wireless, even if being corded is an option.

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