Hey Mike! So glad you found this post! I was actually planning on using your name and linking to your profile, but my wife thought I should ask you first if that was okay. Since there’s no way to contact Medium (I guess it’s not meant to be a social network), I had no way to ask so decided to just go with initials.

Yeah, I imagine most teenagers are murder on phone batteries. It seems like the phones with big batteries are also big phones, which isn’t a great option for a lot of people, especially someone like me who is of below average height (5’7”) and doesn’t have hands or pockets big enough to comfortably fit a big phone. Probably the best option for your son would be a battery case — for iPhone, there are a lot of slim battery cases that don’t seem to be much bigger than a normal case. Those inexpensive tube-shaped batteries also seem like a good option, but could get lost. I also get the feeling that a lot of teens leave the brightness of their screens all the way up.

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